SLS14: Launched Into Mission
January 3-7, 2014 • Dallas, TX

We are setting up FOCUS’s home in Dallas, TX for the Summit. SLS will bring you the top speakers, entertainers, and training methods in order to make these 5 days the best of FOCUS.

Training Sessions

Each morning, we will break off to be trained by experts in the areas of prayer, Bible Study, and mission practicals.

Power Sessions

This is a setting of small groups in a large group, where we will practice what we learn in the training sessions. These sessions will be high energy, practical, and very engaging.


After spending the day in the details, we will gather as a whole group in the evening for a keynote. These talks will give us vision and inspiration for the mission and will be given by some of FOCUS’ top-rated speakers.

Best of FOCUS
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Curtis Martin

President and Founder - FOCUS

Curtis is the President and Founder of FOCUS. He has recently been appointed by the ...
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Dr. Edward Sri

The Augustine Institute

Dr. Sri is a founding leader with Curtis Martin of FOCUS. He now serves as chancellor and ...
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